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September 21, 2011
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Ending: And That's When the Meteor Hit+

Unlock Condition: You must have unlocked Ending 7 in a previous playthrough, and find these  unusual items during your third or later playthrough of the game.

-The Book of Basics in the Tunnel Labyrinth
-The Ninja Mask in the Abandoned House
-The Odd Shaped Red Shirt in the Hospital before finding the Second Eye
-The Broken Sword Handle in the burning house where Rainbow Dash was
-A Playing Card with a Brown Haired Colts Head in The Study of Fluttershy's Old Home
-The Birthday Brad card on the fridge of Fluttershy's Old Home


"And so, once again, the day was saved. The ponies Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can go on living happily, with none of the trauma, 'cause I said so, Lance Strongshy got torn to pieces by a cannonball, and everything was better forever, thanks to that dashing editor Brad!" Ninja-Brad declared.
"Are you done ruining my story yet?" asked Sam.

"Nah, I think I'm gonna stick around in Ponyville for a while just to mess with everypony."

Suddenly, a loud crash was heard as a platoon of armed ponies led by a dark blue pegasus with a short brown mane crashed through the wall. The leader shouted, "Fluttershy, we're here to save you, don't worry!" It was then that the blue pegasus noticed Sam and Brad's presence in the room, the two earth ponies giving him funny looks.

"Ugh, Sam, you monster, you beat us here. I told you I wanted to rescue Fluttershy!"

"Eeep!" came a quiet squeak from the corner of the room where Fluttershy was watching the strange events unfolding before her.

"I take it you're Ace? Sorry buddy, but Brad wanted to have his fun, and since he's my editor, he gets first dibs on any 4th wall breaking ending appearances. Plus, I wanted to use that dancing Pyramid Head gag I mentioned in that ending of the first Silent Ponyville." Sam replied.

"And Ace, how many times do I have to tell you that calling Sam a monster is my line? Say it one more time..." Came a threatening challenge from Brad,

Ace met Brad's challenge thusly, "Sam, you monster! Sam, you monster! Sam, you monster! Haha, you can tell me as much as you want but I stole that line for my own!"

"You're lucky I'm not in a fighting mood, or I would totally wipe the floor with you right now Ace."

"Yeah, whatever Brad. Well, since there's apparently nothing for us to do here, we'll get going. Oh, and Fluttershy, sorry for all the chaos and confusion and stuff."

"Um... it's okay, I know you were just trying to protect me, I think." Fluttershy quietly replied.

As Ace's platoon was leaving, Ace whispered to Game Destroyer, a green unicorn with blond hair, who was Ace's second in command. "Anvils?"

"Anvils." Game Destroyer whispered back. Suddenly, two large anvils appeared in midair, and then subsequently dropped onto their targets: Sam and Brad. Their sudden cries of pain and surprise from having hundreds of pounds of steel dropped on their heads elicited laughs from Ace and Game Destroyer.   

"We'll see you guys around!" Ace shouted. Then, Ace and his platoon were gone as suddenly as they arrived.

Sam and Brad slowly stood up as they rubbed their aching heads. "That was... unpleasant." Sam said, pointing out the obvious.

"Oh my... Are you two okay?" Asked a concerned Fluttershy.

"Yeah... I think. I suspect Ace and Game Destroyer were playing a little prank on us.  No big deal, we can get them back later."

A rather irritated Brad voiced his approval of that sentiment. "Yeah, we better. They really got it coming now. For now though, can we just go to Ponyville before anything else stupid happens? I want to go screw with Rarity."

After letting out a sigh, Sam said, "Fine. Let's go."

After a bright flash of light, the three ponies found themselves in front of Twilight's library. "Let's get you to your friends Fluttershy, they're probably worried sick about you," said Sam.

"You two do that, I'm gonna go smokebomb Carousel Boutique or something." Brad trotted off, ready to have some fun with Ponyville's premier fashion pony. After Brad left, Sam and Fluttershy entered Ponyville library.

"Yay, Fluttershy, you're alright!" squealed the bouncing pink party pony as she gave Fluttershy a bear hug that almost crushed the life out of her.  

"Come here you!" Rainbow Dash joined in on the hug, ecstatic to see her marefriend return safe and sound.

"See, I told you two she was safe!" Twilight's face cracked into a knowing smile as she turned her head to Sam. "Hello Sam!"

"Wait, how do you know my name?" asked a confused Sam.

"Well, once you and Brad made your way into the mind delve, the nature of the spell changed and I was able to see everything that happened quite clearly."

"Wait, but... how did that happen? I'm the author of this story, and I don't remember the spell working that way!" Sam replied, dumbfounded.

"Well, due to the nature of the multi-verse and the creation of universes within said multi-verse, the possibility of an alternate branch being created for any given universe is quite probable. In laypony's terms, you're not the author any more. Yes everypony, seeing Sam and Brad enter the mind delve has made me a 4th wall observer."

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie was right between Sam and Twilight. She entered the conversation, asking Twilight, "Wait, this brown pony was the author of this story?"

"Yes. Everything that's happened from when you started having those nightmares up to just after Fluttershy was rescued was because of Sam."

"Well that wasn't very nice of him to put us through all of that! Hmmp!" Pinkie Pie turned to give Sam the cold shoulder as she crossed her front legs and began to pout.

"But... I... I'm sorry. That wasn't very nice of me." The brown wooden floor returned Sam's gaze.

"Sam, you monster!" chastised a stern-faced Twilight, causing Sam to cringe. However, her face softened and she began to laugh. "Oh Sam, it's no big deal. I've been known to write some dark stuff myself on occasion. And Pinkie, as far as alternate universes go, it could be much worse. You could become slowly possessed by some form of evil magic or something that turns you into a cunning and cruel serial killer that bakes her victims into various baked goods. Sam's not that bad, for the most part."

Sam gave Pinkie a nervous glance at hearing that statement of Twilight's, as Twilight nor Pinkie still did not know how close Pinkie had come to a similar fate, though that possibility was not as drawn out as Twilight's proposed alternate universe. They were aware of Pinkie's serial killer alternate persona though, making that statement more than awkward for both of them as well.

"Oh, uh, sorry to bring that up Pinkie." Twilight  craned her neck to look past Pinkie, making sure that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash weren't listening. Fortunately, they weren't, as they were much more focused on each other. "Wow, when Brad said that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash can go on living happily, he meant it."

"It's okay Twilight. I'm still not so sure about Sam though..." Pinkie sighed.

A loud crash was heard as another anvil dropped onto Sam's head. "Does that make you feel better Pinkie?" Twilight managed to say before bursting out laughing, Pinkie joining her.

"Yepperoonni!" Pinkie got out between laughs.

"Ow... again." Sam grumbled.

"Sorry Sam, that was just a little trick I picked up, and it seemed like as good a as any time to try it out," Twilight explained after calming herself down.

"Pinkie, any chance you can forgive me now?" Sam groaned.

"It's not nice to not forgive someone who has said they're sorry, especially after they've had an anvil fall on there head, so sure!" Pinkie happily replied.

"Alright, now for the real reason I wanted to talk to you Sam. Ninja-Brad. Where is he? I want him." Twilight bore down on Sam.

"Uhh... what?" Sam again dumbfounded by Twilight, though this time for an entirely different reason.

"He's totally hot and ninjas are awesome. I want him. Take me to him now. ...Please?"



"My dress, my beautiful dresses! It will take for ever to wash out all this dreadful soot properly! And the smell! They all smell positively terrible! The smell of smoke will be even harder to get out, and there's no way I can do it all in time! Oh whatever will I do?" Rarity bemoaned the pitiful state of her work after falling victim to a certain ninja's smokebombs.

Outside and some distance away, Brad was laughing it up at the distressed fashionista as she ran from dress to dress, surveying the damage. As he continued observing the fallout of his little prank, something unexpected caught his eye: Sam, accompanied by Twilight Sparkle, trotting towards him.

"Uh, hey Sam, what's up?" Brad asked as the two drew close.

"Apparently somepony really wanted to meet you." Sam dryly stated.

"Wait, how does she even know about me?" Brad asked, puzzled by this new development.

"Basically, the story got hijacked and whoever hijacked the story let Twilight see that whole thing with rescuing Fluttershy and stuff."

"So now we're just plain old characters in the story? Crap, that can't be good. So who do you think is in control of the story?"

"Probably Ace."

"Shi-" Brad was stopped mid-curse as Twilight had decided to make her move, pulling down Brad's mask and kissing him full on.

"Oh yeah, Twilight likes you." Sam deadpanned.

After a full thirty seconds, Twilight finally pulled back and allowed Brad to catch his breath.

"Brad began to sputter, "I- wha- how? But... okay, that was REALLY FREAKING WEIRD."

Twilight ignored that comment of Brad's and decided to take the oppertunity to gush about him, "Brad you're so awesome and hot and you're a ninja which is the coolest thing ever and your sword is really cool too and green is totally my favorite color and I LOVE YOU!"

"Uh, what? Oh whatever, screw it, because why not?" Ninja-Brad then kissed Twilight back, and the two ponies locked lips for a full minute.

"Okay, this IS really freaking weird. Whatever, see you two later." Sam then walked off leaving the pair on their own.

After there kiss was done, Twilight, with more than a hint of melodrama, gasped, "Brad, don't ever leave me!"

Brad, in his equally melodramatic response, cried, "I would never!"

Then they f- *ahem* fell in love, and lived melodramatically ever after.
Throughout Fluttershy's journey into her own mind, she had found some very perplexing items that she had nonetheless felt compelled to take with her. This last item however was probably the most perplexing of them all. It was birthday card for somepony she had never seen or heard of before and even stranger was the fact that the card in question depicted Twilight Sparkle giving this mysterious stallion a present, and it was posted onto the refrigerator of her foalhood home.

Fluttershy nevertheless took the card and went on her way, preparing herself for whatever final horrors awaited her.


This little story right here is a birthday present for :iconninja-brad: :3

This craziness was inspired by :iconjake-heritagu:, because in the description of Brad's birthday card, he said this "Also, according to [Brad] his favorite Pony is Twilight (His exact words were "Well the Pony I hate the least is Twilight" so that makes her his favorite pony! Ace, this is your cue for that crack shipping you're known for doing :D). After seeing that, I was all like "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and decided that the best way to pull off the ship was to continue ending 7 of Silent Ponyville 2 and then I wrote a bunch of stuff for the lulz XD

Preview image created by :iconjake-heritagu: and can be found in its full size glory here: [link]

Ponies owned by Hasbro, created by :iconfyre-flye: except for the obvious self-insert ponies.

All puns included in the writing of this story are fully intended XP

Happy Birthday Brad!
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